Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Contact for Distant healing

This page is dedicated to distant healing. Millions of friends all over the world are in need of distant healing. At http://curewithreiki-kavita.blogspot.com/ we concentrate on those of us who are seriously ill. I would like to bring your attention to treating individuals. If we can help a single person the world will become a better place for all of us.

Usui Sensei's guidance on illness is that it happens when one has temporarily lost his connection with his divine nature. By receiving Reiki- or Soul energy- this connection is re- installed.

Body/Heart/Mind and Soul are One...

Below you will find a list of friends, with their names, their date of birth as well as their photographs and the description of their illness. This additional information will help you to be able to concentrate.

Since our clients will want to enjoy the healing to the fullest, they have been asked to let us know a convenient time for the distant treatment.

If you would like to receive distant Reiki, please email me your details and a recent photograph, thank you!

Mrs. Kavita Prasad

e-mail : prasad.kaveeta01@gmail.com

URL : http://curewithreiki-kavita.blogspot.com/